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Genoalamp is the official distributor of all brands for sale.

More than 60 years of history, thousands of satisfied customers: this is our best presentation


Genoalamp was founded in 1954 as a factory for the manufacture of lamps and chandeliers in the style then the applicant: the classic style , baroque, Empire , Louis XV , Renaissance , etc. . Meanwhile, the first born of lighting fixtures that incorporate innovations such as fluorescent lamps from the American horrible blue light .

With the passing of years Genoalamp changes several locations always growing in size and workers. Through every step of the trends of the new architects and arredatori.Progetta and manufactures large chandeliers with hundreds of lights (see photo and description below) .

The taste , fashion, practicality and the needs of the technological evolution of the light sources to dramatically expand the range of solutions .
Today is more sudden , as then, relying only on experience and good taste of interior designers , now in the computer age is the lighting calculation that directs ambient environment depending on the use to which it is intended and lux optimal choice for the most suitable type of light .
Currently it can range from traditional incandescent bulbs to halogen , fluorescent those from discharge ( metal halide , sodium , etc.). , From fiber optics to the luminescent LED and fiber .

The advice of an expert is today more necessary than ever to find the best solution to style, taste , convenience , affordability and functionality in the vast world of lighting .
The Genoalamp offers its loyal customers with their own experience , advice, calculations , estimates, a chance to see exposed miles of articles in its huge exposure in the center of Genoa .
The founder Sig.Paolo , is still in the lighting field since 1947 and continues to follow assisted by his son Maurizio , by his son Edward and the whole staff , the latest trends of style and technology with an eye to the future but also to ' timeless past.
Any request is carefully considered public places , hotels , churches, galleries, auctions, stores , gyms , swimming pools , offices, villas, gardens, everyone the right light !
Our company is also able , using their own laboratory and stocked warehouse crystals, imported from decades from Bohemia , from ' Austria and Germany , to restore antique chandeliers of any style and size. One of the last restored has been installed in the Italian Embassy in Azerbaijan.




Lampadario di 9 metri realizzato per la grande moschea di Monastir in Tunisia Technical Specifications

Central Supporting structure proven to 2500 Kg
Height 900 cm
Diameter 370 cm
Weight Kg 1600


N ° 360 lights 60 W equal to 21600 W
# 18 spot 150 W equal to 2700W
# 1 head lamp with halogen beam shaper diaframmabile goal.

Genoalamp was founded in 1954 and in 62 years of work has produced (among thousands of items) also this chandelier 9 meters high and fully fitted with original crystals swarovski crystals. This chandelier was made for the great mosque of Monastir in Tunisia and exhibited at the International Fair of Genoa.

Night light and emergency lights, all mounted on 10 separate circuits made ​​with high temperature resistant silicone cable.

The metal parts are made of cast brass golden galvanically to 24 kt.

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