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Marc Sadler


Marc Sadler is a versatile French designer of international renown, his creativity ranges from furniture, lighting, industrial production, sports., Won four Golden Compass, interesting but above all emblematic of his versatility is the fact that he had his first success with the design of a ski boot, but his resume also includes numerous art installations also realized through sophisticated technological equipment.

Behind her creations in addition to technical competence there is the desire to combine innovation, research and testing that considers the natural link between design and industrial production and should bring forth new forms and easily accessible.

Use new, unusual materials, molding them into basic shapes, inspired by the real world, creating objects in which the features are the mainstay.

Expert in uniting in construction design is a designer who very interested in the production phase, for this much loved by firms that they see in him is a great creative is a technical prepared, attentive not only aesthetics but also to the production requirements.


Material quality, efficiency, ergonomics and aesthetics are the elements that characterize its lamps, thread-like, thin, made of materials that sublime light beams.