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Delivery Mode

Delivery Options


Time: delivery time in Italy are approximately 24 or 48 hours from when the courier collects the goods at our warehouse , if some products are not in stock order will be delivered when all the products are available. In the event any product is urgent you can arrange partial shipments , for each of which will be charged additional shipping charges .

Mode: Genoalamp Ltd. are delivered WORLDWIDE through express couriers only , TNT TNT in Italy and in other states .

The courier delivery during the day (not after 18 in the evening , not Saturday), if you can not find anyone , leave a delivery notice back in two more times. If you find the notice you can contact the courier by following the instructions on the same .

It 's always better to specify a delivery place where there is someone to receive shipment during office hours , for example, a neighbor , relatives or even better in the workplace .

Shipping and Delivery: By purchasing at least 130 euros of goods receive , in Italy, the ordered items directly to your home without any shipping cost .

For orders of less than 130 Euro cost for deliveries in Italy will ' of 12 Euro .


If you are often away from home you can get delivered ( without other costs) the goods directly at one of the 1,200 TNT Point scattered throughout Italy . Visit our site search to find the TNT delivery point near you , or call us on 199 803 868 TNT SERVING customers .

Note : If you choose this shipping method write it in the order notes .

In any case, when you receive the goods , check the packaging very well , who does not have signs of cracks, openings , injury scotch Genoalamp , and also verifies that moving the neck does not run typical sounds of broken crystals . If you see even one of these abnormalities , signs the document of transport subject SPECIFIC indicating:

Withdrawal his neck Reserve Check the contents because the packaging is damaged (or you hear suspicious noises ) .


Remember that if you do not put this Reserve explicit insurance could not answer about breakage.