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Michele De Lucchi

Michele de Lucchi known for being, along with Fassina, the Tolomeo lamp dad, produced by Artemide, founded in 1987 and quickly became the stereotype of the desk lamp, which is one of the architects, the most interesting designers of his generation.

Born in Ferrara, who graduated in Florence, soon became a landmark in both the artistic group Cavart (its founder) is in Memphis group wanted to Sottsas, through which it comes into contact with Olivetti that will become one of its many enlightened patrons .


Sought-after, his is the signing of a number of internal financial and banking institutions not only in Italy, collaborates with Kartell.


In his projects, there is no separation between macro and micro, the piece of furniture is born together with the architecture, hence the success of its achievements both public Enel, Olivetti Intesa San Paolo by both individuals.

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