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Product Availability


Availability is updated daily, and visible tab of each product in the cart.

All orders contained products ready for delivery confirmed before 12:00 are shipped within the next day

( in case of payment by credit card) .

Availability of individual products visible in the product and in cart:

Immediate Delivery : Item available in stock at our warehouse , for orders received before 12:00 are shipped within the next day ( in case of payment by credit card) .

5 working days : item in stock at our warehouse within 5 working days from your order.

6-14 working days : item in stock at our warehouse in 6/12 working days from your order.

15-30 working days : item in stock at our warehouse in 15/30 working days from your order.

• Inbox : This item is a product available soon . The arrival date if not specified is not currently estimable . If you are interested in purchasing we advise you to book it , as you risk that once you get all the available quantities are already sold.

• Life Warning : This article is low , do everything possible to check availability and communicate as soon as possible if you can process your order.

• On Request : This item is manufactured or supplied only on request , delivery time can be defined only on request (usually we contact the supplier and we do confirm and define the times ) . The product is still in production and you can have it. Please note that this product is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal .

• Not Available / Out of stock : This article is temporarily unavailable or out of production, we can not establish a definite date of delivery.


Genoalamp not escape partial orders , if you want an order will be shipped immediately , all products must be available , if some product is urgent you can arrange partial deliveries , each delivery will be charged after the first re- shipping.


Please note that the items listed in " Prompt Delivery " may be available in limited quantities , it is advisable , therefore, to verify the actual availability by phoning or writing an email to .

Unlike Genoalamp not be liable if the actual availability was less than that required . Notice is hereby given that an order can not be erased in case the goods not result immediately ready and have been provided to verify the availability , as indicated above .


Regarding Products " On Request" , specifying that the supply times vary from 7 to 30 days ( average 15).


In general, the timings shown are subject to delays beyond the control of Genoalamp , but by organizational problems of the producers themselves . Genoalamp inform its customers via email for any abnormal delays and in any case will not be in any way responsible for the discomfort .

The days indicated for delivery shall be construed as " working " from Tuesdays to Saturdays. From business days excluding holidays go , any bridges, Extended Holidays (usually from December 23 to January 7) and August ( in which the producers are normally closed and then fail to deliver the goods) .

In case of payment by bank delivery times start from the moment Genoalamp displays credited in your bank account (an average of 3 days after the date of the transaction ) , so we ask copy of the bank via e-mail ( ) or fax (010.589029) including CRO to speed these days.